Sep 06 2008

R.J. Horner Catalog Online!

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To celebrate the redesign and relaunch of, I’m very pleased to present the full ca. 1888 R.J. Horner pamphlet, “Our American Homes and How We Furnish Them”.  I am unaware of other surviving copies, but I’m sure there are decorative arts libraries and collectors somewhere with others.  I’ve scanned it in high resolution so you can zoom in and see all the details, however, that makes the file size over 2Mb.

I highly recommend taking a look this time capsule of decorating guidance.  The drawings of the factory and warehouse are worth looking at alone.

Access is open to everyone.  Just follow the directions here and enjoy!

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  1. Lily Darceyon 22 Nov 2014 at 8:18 pm

    Check out this fantastic carved cabinet. ……..Not sure if it is a Horner furniture piece, or if it is attributed to……as there are some initials in a shield on the case EH.

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