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Aug 28 2009

Horner-Attributed Griffin Sofa

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R.J. Horner Sofa

I was spurred into action to write up a post about this killer Horner-attributed sofa currently up for sale.  Current price is $3,150 but I don’t expect that to stand.  This is probably from the 1890-1900 timeframe and is made of mahogany.  These sofas come up from time to time and every Horner fan should own one.

I’ll let the seller provide the details:

Up for auction is this spectacular attributed to Horner sofa in mahogany adorned with full standing winged griffins, large reeded colums, and massive ball and claw feet. I could spend all day describing this fantastic piece but i’ll just give you what you need to know and let the pics say the rest. Finish is original and in very good condition. The flame mahogany used in construction is beautiful and well pronounced. The carving on this piece is world class and very detailed. An obviously well taken care of high end piece of furniture history.

More pictures, information and bidding available at the listing.
Horner Griffin

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Nov 08 2008

R. J. Horner Mahogany Desk & Sofa Combination

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This is a combination that I never imagined that I would see – a combination kneehole desk and sofa with integrated drawers.  It has the simple lines that are typical of the transition from Victorian to the early turn of the 20th century, but true to Horner form, it sports a set of paw feet.  The label isn’t captured very well in the images but the Horner label design can be seen and the seller states that it even includes the date – 1908.

If I didn’t have a stairway that prevents it’s ascension to my office on the top floor, I would be a serious bidder.  Bidding starts at $1,999 – more information at the listing.

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Oct 17 2008

Heavily Carved Throne Chair With Lion Armrests

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Up for auction is this well-carved throne or X-chair with figural lions on the armrests. The back of the chair is especially well carved with either a man-of-the-mountain or Zeus face prominently displayed. The two handles on the chair back are also carved lion figures with open mouths and fangs.

Bidding starts at $200 and expected range is $400 to $600.  More at the listing.

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Sep 26 2008

Horner Or Mitchell Winged Griffin Desk?

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This table being sold on September 27th by Fontaine’s is being attributed to R.J. Horner with a selling range of $6,000 to $8,000.  It is Mahogany with 4 winged griffins in the base and is heavily gadrooned.

I would float the theory that this table is not actually Horner and could instead have been made by Robert Mitchell & Co.  If you remember this confirmed Mitchell table from a few posts back, let me show you a griffin from each of these two pieces, compared:

The wings are very different but I suggest that it is merely a design variation. Overall, the rest of the body has similar proportions and carvings.

I know of someone that is trying to publish a book on Robert Mitchell and who has seen hundreds of Mitchell pieces.  I’ll float my theory their way and get the feedback posted here.

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Sep 22 2008

How To Fake An R.J. Horner

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Similar to my How to Fake a Herter Brothers post on, I thought I’d seize an opportunity to point out the equivalent for faking R.J. Horner furniture.

Basically, all you need is a piece of winged griffin Oak or Mahogany furniture and a paper or celluloid tag taken off of an original Horner piece.  Apply your newly acquired tag or label and you now have a piece that potential buyers would be hard-pressed to refute unless they were very seasoned collectors.

The above tag is currently on sale on Ebay and is already bid up to $177.  I’m afraid to think that it will end up nailed to a piece of furniture that is not truly made by Horner.  So many heavily-carved items end up attributed and many times practically guaranteed to be “BY Horner”.  I can see someone who owns a heavily carved piece who has convinced themselves that they have a Horner buy this tag to add to their piece to remove any doubt for prospective buyers (and psychologically, for themselves).

All one needs to do is see several examples of similar furniture by OTHER makers to know that the world of Horner furniture is wrought with uncertainty.  Here’s a mere smattering of furniture by other makers that resemble Horner items, here, here, and here.

There is no single reference book that shows the known documented furniture made by R.J. Horner so that one can confirm whether a piece they own is by Horner.

Now you know that even a tag isn’t enough to identify Horner items – the one above could end up on your next “Horner” piece.  The good news is that the paper labels that Horner had used are harder to remove and reapply. There is also a timeframe of applicability for the different lables that Horner utilized, so one could also research the timeframes for certain tags & labels for Horner and examine the furniture for a disconnect in timeframe.

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