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Sep 12 2011

R.J. Horner Catalog/Pamphlet Available For Download

RJ Horner’s only known catalog/pamphlet, “Our American Homes and How To Furnish Them”, is now available for immediate purchase and download.  It has been available for viewing online for a while now but it is now available for close inspection on your own home computer in Adobe Acrobat format.  It can be zoomed into full screen to see the detail in the factory and retail store details.  Click on the image below to learn more.
RJ Horner Catalog Pamphlet

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Aug 04 2011

R.J. Horner Advertisement 1894

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RJ Horner Advertisement

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Jun 29 2010

There Is No “Horner Egg”

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This ca. 1902 Stickley-Brandt Chair is up for auction on Ebay and it’s description inspired me to write up a post about the mythical “Horner Egg” that they use for corroboration of a Horner attribution. As we can see with this well-documented chair, one cannot use the cabochon motif alone when attributing R.J. Horner pieces.  It was a common motif of the Renaissance Revival, in general.

Now, I have also often seen reference to a “ribbed egg” as a basis for Horner attribution.  “Ribbed”, meaning that a stripe or line runs across the breadth of the egg, usually bisecting it.   We cannot use the “ribbed egg” argument, either, when attributing Horner as we can see from this carving from a 1911 labeled Oriel Cabinet, Co. (from Grand Rapids) set, below.

Now, I won’t say that Horner didn’t use this motif. I’m not remotely saying that, as I know he did. I’m just saying all “Horner eggs” should be considered carefully and non-qualified (without attributed, probably) associations should not be made without labels or without comparison to known labeled pieces.  I would actually prefer it to be called the “Renaissance egg” or cabochon rather than be permanently associated with Horner.  Doing so smacks of the “Belter” craze decades ago when all Rococo furniture was called Belter furniture.

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Aug 28 2009

Horner-Attributed Griffin Sofa

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R.J. Horner Sofa

I was spurred into action to write up a post about this killer Horner-attributed sofa currently up for sale.  Current price is $3,150 but I don’t expect that to stand.  This is probably from the 1890-1900 timeframe and is made of mahogany.  These sofas come up from time to time and every Horner fan should own one.

I’ll let the seller provide the details:

Up for auction is this spectacular attributed to Horner sofa in mahogany adorned with full standing winged griffins, large reeded colums, and massive ball and claw feet. I could spend all day describing this fantastic piece but i’ll just give you what you need to know and let the pics say the rest. Finish is original and in very good condition. The flame mahogany used in construction is beautiful and well pronounced. The carving on this piece is world class and very detailed. An obviously well taken care of high end piece of furniture history.

More pictures, information and bidding available at the listing.
Horner Griffin

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Nov 08 2008

R. J. Horner Mahogany Desk & Sofa Combination

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This is a combination that I never imagined that I would see – a combination kneehole desk and sofa with integrated drawers.  It has the simple lines that are typical of the transition from Victorian to the early turn of the 20th century, but true to Horner form, it sports a set of paw feet.  The label isn’t captured very well in the images but the Horner label design can be seen and the seller states that it even includes the date – 1908.

If I didn’t have a stairway that prevents it’s ascension to my office on the top floor, I would be a serious bidder.  Bidding starts at $1,999 – more information at the listing.

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