Mar 06 2007

R.J. Horner Figural China Cabinet

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Up for sale is an RJ Horner Quartersawn Oak China cabinet from the 1880’s timeframe. Looks to be in good original condition with original wavy glass. I like the Caryatid/Atlas juxtaposition. Often you see pieces with similar figures on both sides. I’ll leave the description to Bradford’s Antiques, the seller, but the listing ends March 16th.

  • Massive Serpentine Quartersawn Oak China Cabinet
  • attributed to RJ Horner
  • Circa 1880’s
  • Huge Serpentine Relief Carved Crest Rail
  • Notice the Pair of Winged Griffins Facing Off
  • Large Shield with Signature Horner Ribbed Egg in the Middle
  • Deep Relief Carvings all around, Note the Crisp Detail and the Textured Background
  • Carved on All Three Sides with Flowers and Vines
  • Two Incredible Figural Columns one with a Man: Atlas or Man of the Mountains and the Other with a Caryatid.
  • Wonderful detail, notice the Folds in the Drapes
  • The Tapered Columns are carved the rest of the way with Leaves and Bell Flowers
  • Serpentine Front Door and Serpentine Side Glass
  • Original Wavy Glass
  • Heavy Layered and Molded Base
  • Winged Claw Feet on the Step out Front and Extra Large Bunn Feet on the Back
  • Horizontal Three Panel Mirrored Back
  • Four Plate Glass Shelves that are Serpentine to Match the Design perfectly
  • Height: 73 inches
  • Width: 55 inches
  • Depth: 20 inches
  • Incredible American RJ Horner Quartersawn Serpentine China Cabinet
  • In near Mint Original Condition.
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Mar 04 2007

Signed R.J. Horner Hall Tree/Hall Bench

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It’s not uncommon to see R.J. Horner Hall Benches for sale at auction, but it is pretty rare to have one with the label intact. This one is indeed labeled.

This bench has griffin-like sea serpents for arms and a Northwind face at the top center of the mirrored-back. Finish is original. It is being sold at live auction on March 14th. Starting price is $750 with expected range at $9,250 to $10,500. Measurements are 84 inches tall x 50 inches wide x 22 inches deep and it is located in Minneapolis, MN. Listing can be seen here.

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Mar 03 2007

R.J. Horner Grandfather Clock

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Talk about a monster clock – almost 10 feet tall with extensive carving in the style of RJ Horner. The carved griffins on either side of the clock face and the standing maidens certainly look like something Horner would have produced. Expected bidding range is $25,000-$50,000 with starting price set at $12,500. Bidding ends on March 10th. More pictures and listing can be seen here.

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Feb 28 2007

R. J. Horner Griffin Slant-Front Desk

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Hello blogosphere! This is the first post for my new Horner-only antique furniture blog. I started the Rare Victorian blog a month ago and have seen a serious following of Horner lovers so I am breaking out a separate blog for Horner pieces. If you are not familiar with my Rare Victorian Blog I post entries profiling rare victorian furniture on sale at online auctions from the best makers of the era. I have no affiliations with any of the sellers so I only post those items that I have a particular interest in and would purchase myself. I collect this information for my own purposes anyway and thought I’d post it out, making it convenient for others to follow.

It’s only fitting that I start my blog with a first post profiling an unbelievably carved desk from R. J. Horner. There isn’t a surface that isn’t carved and the quartersawn oak grain inside this desk gives new meaning to the oft-used term “tiger oak”. Bradford’s Antiques, the seller, mentions that this desk is one of only two or three known to be done in oak. More from the listing:

Rare R.J. Horner Quartersawn Oak Winged Griffin Slant Front Desk

  • Circa 1880’s
  • One of only Two or Three Known to been made in Oak!
  • Carved to Death
  • Secret Drawer with Gargoyle Head
  • Secret Drawer Button hidden Inside the Desk
  • All Relief Carved
  • The Best Quartersawn Flake Possible Throughout
  • Original Fitted Interior with Drawers and Columns
  • Six Drawer Desk all Serpentine Fronts and All Relief Carved with Carved Pulls
  • Massive Griffins in Fine Horner Style Detail
  • Notice how the Griffins are Squatting on their Haunches and how the Tails Curl up between the Legs
  • Also see How the Wings are Elongated to have the Tips go back past the Side of the Case.
  • The Griffins are in Mint Condition with No Cracks or Breaks!
  • This Desk is in All Original Mint Condition.
  • The Back is Finished Quartersawn Oak as well
  • Height: 46 inches
  • Width 42.5 inches
  • Depth: 22 inches
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