Oct 22 2007

Superb Winged Griffin R. J. Horner Partners Desk

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Sorry for the lapse in posts on this blog as I have been spending a lot of time getting some changes implemented over at RareVictorian.com. Running across this great Horner piece offered by Bradfords Antiques spurred me into action.

Up for auction is a Horner partner’s desk with 4 seated winged griffins. A Horner collector once told me that if a griffin piece had the “rat tail” on the griffins (which this one has), then you could be sure it was a Horner – not that you need to look at this one hard to figure out if it was a Horner. I’ll leave the details to Bradfords below, but I’ll let you know that bidding ends on the 30th and will start at $5,000 (reserve not met at that level). There are a lot more photos that I haven’t included that you can review at the listing.

R. J. Horner Winged Griffin
Mahogany Partners Desk

Circa 1890’s

Top of the Line Horner Standing
Winged Griffin Partners Desk


The Previous owner had the Desk
in his Family for over 100 years.

Near Mint Original Condition
Came with a Glass Top to
Protect the Finish Etc.

Four Standing Winged Griffins
Support this Heavily Carved
Partners Desk

All Ribbon Stripe Mahogany

Six Fully Relief Carved
Drawers with Carved

Serpentine Top with Detail
Carved Bullnose

Serpentine Bottom Shelf
with Highly Carved Edge

Carved Horner Style Feet

Height: 31 inches
Length: 56 inches
Depth: 37 inches

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Apr 06 2007

Maiden Victorian Grandfather Clock ca. 1910

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Here’s a gorgeous carved Hondura’s mahogany Grandfather Clock from around 1910. This is not a Horner, but I though Horner aficionado’s would appreciate the carving. Before I pass on more information from this listing from North Wind Antiques, I’ll let you know that bidding is currently at about $9,000 (reserve not yet met) and bidding ends April 9th.

More from the listing:

There’s nothing quite like an antique Grandfather clock, and in our humble opinion the Victorian Age produced the most fantastic examples, combining elaborate Renaissance inspired cabinet work with the refined “works” produced during that time! This wonderful combination of “art” and practicality will never be reproduced again, and what fine timepieces of yesteryear are still in existance are highly sought after to adorn and enrich ones home!

This is a fine example in an amazing state of preservation! Hand carved in Grand Rapids, Mi. and constructed of fine Honduras Mahogany for Colonial Mfg. Co., the case alone is a masterwork of proportion and the carvers art! The finish is original in an amazing state of preservation. The carvings are also perfectly preserved! The base boasts a symmetrical flame grain framed by fiercely posed Griffins with massive paw feet! The torso of the case sweeps upward into mermaid like maidens guarding each corner. The original beveled glass on all three sides shows off the organ-like tubes, gleaming brass weights, and the massive pendulum. The hood sits atop the torso like an ornate helmet over a suit of armor! Two statuesque women flank the timepiece, one representing “womanhood”, delicate, curvaceous and soft, the other portraying the protector, the “warrior”. The crest shows off the carvers skill with more amorial style carvings. The delicate swags, and shell sits under an angels face portraying an overall feeling of grace, pride and strength!

The works are all original, freshly cleaned, tuned in great working order. Stamped Colonial and W & H (Winterhalder & Hofmeier) and like the case in wonderful original condition. The original painted moon dial is still vibrant with minor crackling and only a few small chips. The nine tubes play your choice of either Whittington, Westminster or St. John’s every hour. The clock chimes on the quarter hour and is an 8 day movement. This is considered the best model Colonial made, and they were the largest clock manufacturer in the early 1900’s. The model # 1278 from the Colonial catalog is stamped on the back of the case. A Colonial label is on the inside of the door also. This movement is also self-adjusting. The chimes are not overly loud and of course can be silenced at the flick of a lever.

Condition is very fine and original. Measurements are 98″ high, 28″ wide, and 20″ deep. Shipping by our truck will be between 200.00 and 500.00 depending on location.

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Mar 23 2007

R.J. Horner Partner’s Desk with Winged Maidens

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Up for auction is yet another R.J. Horner labeled Partner’s Desk. Bidding is already active on this piece – taking it up to $2,025 (expect that to double/triple). The winged maidens really make this piece and it appears that they may have their original casters as well. Bidding will end on April 1st and more can be seen at the listing.

Carved all over this magnificent partners desk has two drawers on each side with hand carved pulls and a “secret” drawer on each side with the characteristic Horner North Wind Face instead of drawer pulls. The North Wind Face can also be found in the center of both ends of the desk in the middle of fantastic relief carvings of fruits, nuts and flowers.

The desktop has a gadrooned carved edge and is supported by Fantastic Winged Ladies. All four have beautiful faces and are magnificently carved.

This rare model partners desk by R. J. Horner is in Mint Condition, and is embellished with fantastic drawer linings, the most detailed and intricate relief carvings and the finish is Black finished Mahogany. The many fine details on this desk are characteristic of Horner’s finest work.

Please email us with any questions or comments and THANK YOU for shopping with us. Email: victorian.furniture@gmail.com

Height: 32 inches Width: 62 inches and Depth: 35 1/2 inches

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Mar 17 2007

R.J. Horner Partner’s Desk

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Here is another Horner Parnter’s desk but this one is a much meatier form with four griffins guarding the corners of the desk. From the pictures it is not possible to see the condition of the top. This desk is made of mahogany and the dimensions are 56″ L x 37″ W. Bidding starts at $5,775.00 and expected range is $17,500 to $27,500. Listing can be seen here.

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Mar 16 2007

R.J. Horner Partner’s Desk

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Up for auction is a Horner Partner’s Desk from Grandview Antiques and Auctions. This is a fairly classic Horner item that would be welcome in any collection. This one appears to have its original finish but needs a very good cleaning. Dimensions are 29.5″h x 55″l x 38″d. Starting price is $2,250 and expected range is $4,500 to $6,000. Hammer falls on March 24th. Listing can be seen here.

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