Aug 28 2009

Horner-Attributed Griffin Sofa

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R.J. Horner Sofa

I was spurred into action to write up a post about this killer Horner-attributed sofa currently up for sale.  Current price is $3,150 but I don’t expect that to stand.  This is probably from the 1890-1900 timeframe and is made of mahogany.  These sofas come up from time to time and every Horner fan should own one.

I’ll let the seller provide the details:

Up for auction is this spectacular attributed to Horner sofa in mahogany adorned with full standing winged griffins, large reeded colums, and massive ball and claw feet. I could spend all day describing this fantastic piece but i’ll just give you what you need to know and let the pics say the rest. Finish is original and in very good condition. The flame mahogany used in construction is beautiful and well pronounced. The carving on this piece is world class and very detailed. An obviously well taken care of high end piece of furniture history.

More pictures, information and bidding available at the listing.
Horner Griffin

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Nov 08 2008

R. J. Horner Mahogany Desk & Sofa Combination

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This is a combination that I never imagined that I would see – a combination kneehole desk and sofa with integrated drawers.  It has the simple lines that are typical of the transition from Victorian to the early turn of the 20th century, but true to Horner form, it sports a set of paw feet.  The label isn’t captured very well in the images but the Horner label design can be seen and the seller states that it even includes the date – 1908.

If I didn’t have a stairway that prevents it’s ascension to my office on the top floor, I would be a serious bidder.  Bidding starts at $1,999 – more information at the listing.

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Sep 10 2008

R.J. Horner Furniture at Grand View Antiques & Auction

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Grand View Antiques and Auction will be having a sale on September 13th, 2008 and there are several R.J. Horner-attributed items coming up for bid.

The image to the left is the base of a table that they are attributing to Horner and what I cannot tell from the images or description is whether the leaves, which extend the table to 128″, are original and match the ends of the table.

As time passes with these antique tables, the leaves often get lost and get remade, without the side gadrooning and with mixed results on matching the original table finish and grain.

This sale also has 3 pieces of faux bamboo furniture for which Horner is about as famous for as he is for his griffin furniture.

I’m unaware of any of the pieces in this sale sporting a label to confirm their maker, but nonetheless, fans of Horner will appreciate the items regardless of the maker being Horner or not.

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Jun 09 2007

R.J. Horner Carved Griffin Parlor Set

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Brand new imported Baranzelli/Scalamandre silk damask from Italy on this powerful R.J. Horner (attributed) parlor set with carved griffins and outstretched wings. There is a lion mask on each of the seatbacks as well as paw/claw feet. Currently bid up to $4,100 with 8 days to go, I’m sure it will climb much higher. More detail on this set can be seen here.

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Jun 01 2007

R. J. Horner Winged Griffin Sofa

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Grand View Antiques is selling a nice R. J. Horner (attributed) sofa with carved griffins. These griffins have detailed carvings down to the claws in the paws, hairs in the mane, and extended tongue from the mouth. Bidding ends on the 9th and starts at $2,000 with range $4,000 to $6,000.

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